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A Maze in Book

Artist book by Suzanne Moore
and Daniel E. Kelm
unique copy


When Kelm approached artist/designer/calligrapher Suzanne Moore about collaborating on a project, she proposed creating an accordion-style book that could fold out into a shape similar to a garden maze. The idea of the garden maze inspired the rich greens, oranges, and purples that predominate in the book’s coloring, which was the first step in the work’s creation. Kelm used the paper to form interconnecting panels that could fold out into two different shapes. He then gave the book to Moore for finishing. Moore’s fluid cursive style calligraphy appears to be a secret language that leads the viewer/reader along the pathway of each maze.

—Aprile Gallant, Curator, Prints, Drawings, and Photographs, Smith College Museum of Art

Painting and calligraphy by Suzanne Moore.

Wire edge binding and enclosure by Daniel E. Kelm.

Pigment, acrylic, and paste on paper, with cloth, magnets, brass rod, soldered brass hinges, and wire edge binding.

Held in a private collection.

Included in the exhibition Poetic Science: Bookworks by Daniel E. Kelm at Smith College Museum of Art.

Kelm collaborated with One Match Films to produce ten videos for the Poetic Science exhibition in 2007. These videos, commissioned by Smith College Museum of Art, were on display in the gallery for the duration of the show.



To remove the book from its enclosure you unfold the flaps . . .