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Dan’s Voyage

Artist book by Robin Price, Publisher
unique copy
22 x 18.875 x 4.375 inches


Dan’s Voyage consists of four unique artist’s books contained in a box reminiscent of a steamer trunk. The “blind collaboration” with James W. Pitts that resulted in the books was initiated by Price in 2001 and continued for over a year. All four artist’s books completed during the collaboration were purchased by a collector who a few years later continued the spirit of the collaboration by commissioning Daniel E. Kelm to create a container for the work. The four unique books included are: orient, Dream Places, The Mechanics of Wishing, and Dinner Party.

Four unique books created by Robin Price and James W. Pitts.

Box designed and produced by Daniel E. Kelm with the assistance of Erin Clay Nelson and Kylin Lee.

Woodwork by David Levy.

Walnut box with stained canvas cover, hand-stained canvas flaps secured with cinch-locked fabric straps, mimicking a steamer trunk.

Held in a private collection.