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The Jumping Frog

Cheloniidae Press
31 copies
9 x 6 x .625 inches (book)


Kelm used traditional French and English techniques in making this full leather binding. The interior text includes four images by Alan James Robinson of the jumping frog. Kelm reproduced two of the illustrations—using leather onlay and tooling—on the front and back covers of the book, and the remaining two—using leather onlay on Japanese tissue—for the paste downs inside the front and back covers. The sequence of images evokes the experience of the frog jumping through the book. In addition, the box springs open—like a jumping frog. Kelm calls this type of work “interpretive fine binding.”

Text by Mark Twain.

Engravings by Alan James Robinson.

Binding and box by Kelm.

English-style leather binding; leather onlay; tooling; letterpress printed text with engravings. Materials include vegetable-tanned goatskin leather; paper; linen thread and tape.


Held in private collections.


The box springs open—like a jumping frog.