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About These Images


The two images on the homepage are macro shots of the liner of a furnace based on a 16th-century model that Kelm created for exploring alchemical processes. You can see a video of him operating the furnace when you go to the Wide Awake Garage Videos page.

Kelm says of this: “The alchemical furnace is an instrument of transformation, an operating theater for the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. To transform a material is to change the mix of elements present in it. In many furnaces the fire is moderated by the other elements—a sand bath, a water bath, and an air furnace—but inside the fire box of any furnace there is only fire. It is here that the colors and patterns that you see in these images were developed. The moderately high temperature of the wood fire vaporized the zinc coating of the galvanized steel liner, then oxidized the zinc fumes as well as the now-exposed steel surface.”

Photographs by One Match Films